Bursary Application Instructions

If you are a newly emerging researcher[Note 1] with an accepted IACS3 presentation proposal, you may qualify for supplementary funding support to better ensure your participation in the conference.

Thanks to support from our funding partners, a pool of travel bursaries will be awarded on both priority-needs and regional-quota bases following adjudication of applications by the local organizing committee. To apply for funding support as an emerging researcher, please send a one-page letter of application as an email attachment to the IACS3 conference chairs

  • Jamin Pelkey
  • Peter Coppin
  • with “IACS3 Bursary Application” in the subject line. The letter should address the following:

    1. Institution and location: Clearly state both the name and location of your institution and your geographic point of departure for travel to Toronto for IACS3. If these two locations differ, please provide a brief explanation to help us evaluate the difference.
    2. Program status: Name of degree, start date, projected date of completion.
    3. Other funding sources: What other travel funding opportunities are available to you? Have you applied for these opportunities? Please be as specific as possible regarding programs, amounts, dates, rationale and any other pertinent information.
    4. Financial situation: What is your current funding status as a student enrolled in your program: i.e., are you on full scholarship? partial scholarship? Are you a part-time student? Please feel free to include any information you deem pertinent to your current financial situation.
    5. Other relevant information: Anything else you would like the committee to consider (e.g., need for matching funds, total budget with brief itemization, etc.).

    Regarding item 3, please note that we expect most, if not all, institutions will make at least partial travel funding available to to student researchers. Have you applied for such funding? Please be forthcoming with these details or provide thorough explanation for their absence. We will be unable to fund the full cost of your trip. If you receive an award, how will you finance the remainder of your trip?

    Although there is no specific deadline for this application, review of applications will begin on March 24 and will continue until bursary award funds are depleted. The first wave of awards will be announced in mid-April, and the second wave of awards will be announced in early July.

    Bursary amounts will range from $200 to $700, with higher funding packages being awarded to international presenters. Payments will be made as reimbursements following the conference upon the presentation of receipts.


  1. This designation especially includes graduate students (Masters and PhD), but early-career researchers such as funded post-doctoral scholars and new contract faculty members are also welcome to apply, with the understanding that priority consideration may be given to graduate student presenters. (Return to text)